Student Writing: Junior High Writer Bares Her Soul

McGee student Jillian Price shares her poetry.



By Jilian Price

Why do people try to be perfect

Because it’s not all worth it.

Perfection is nothing you can achieve

When you realize that, please don’t grieve.


Don’t waste your money on an expensive dress

Or else you’ll be in a mess

After the boy you wait for

Never shows up at your door.


Don’t try,

Or cry

Because all in all,

You’ll be the one to fall.


You’re perfect, you say?

That makes me laugh everyday.

In the end, you’ll be beat

When your world turns bittersweet.


Don’t try,

Or cry

Because perfection isn’t worth it.


Broken-Hearted Waltz

By Jilian Price


You’ve tricked me far too many times

And now it’s time for you to pay.

I won’t listen to your words

Because now, I get the final say.


I could always see through your lies

And you knew that, too.

But I fell for you, and hit the ground


Still, you don’t understand that I was forced to go through


Wasted money

Was put on your promises that were false

Time for you to experience the pain,

And dance the broken waltz.


The dance of the broken-hearted

Never ended for me.

Now, it’s just replaying for you

So jump in, you won’t miss a note or key.


Move along with the rhythm

The rhythm of revenge and hate


This smooth pace won’t last forever

Get ready to speed up, and keep your back straight




You broke my heart, so this is your fee.


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