Internet Safety Expert Will Speak At McGee Middle School

Justin DoBosh, a college student with a background in predator awareness and who has appeared on Fox News and Katie Couric Show, will be holding a parent night on Jan. 3.


On Thursday January 3, 2013, students will take part in grade wide assemblies on internet safety. Justin DoBosh, a college student with extensive background in predator awareness, cyber bullying and social media safety will be presenting to the students. He will also be holding a parent night on January 3, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.

DoBosh was a victim of an online predator as a teen. He is now using what he has learned from his personal experience to educate children. He talks from his experiences and from knowing teenagers. 

DoBosh has written several articles on the topic of social media safety. He has worked as a consultant for the global child safety company, Guard-A-Kid, where he developed and implemented a new child online safety division with the company, and has trained franchisee owners worldwide. DoBosh has been featured on Fox News and has been asked to be a guest speaker on the Katie Couric show.


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