CAPT Scores Fluctuate in Berlin; CMTs Scores Dip Compared to Last Year

The state released the 2013 standardized test scores this week, with Berlin showing mixed results.

Test scores among tenth grade students at Berlin High School improved in one area in 2013, however results among elementary and middle school students dropped nearly across the board.

Among the Connecticut Academic Performance Test results, students scored higher in science with 93.3 percent at or above proficiency in 2013 versus 92.7 percent in 2012. But in the other three areas — reading, writing and math — the scores dipped slightly year-over-year, dropping between .5 and 2 percentage points.

Still, Berlin continues to be notably high in proficiency, with over 90 percent at or above proficiency in 2013.

The Connecticut Mastery Test results showed some decreases, however, as in nearly every grade the percentage of those at or above proficiency decreased from 2012. Like the CAPT, however, most Berlin students score at or above the proficiency level, with the lowest being 77 percent and the highest being among the 90 percentile.

The CMTs are administered to all students from grade three to grade eight. Students are tested in math, reading and writing, and in middle school, they are tested in science as well.

Students are labeled based on their performance. The labels, in descending order, for both CMTs and CAPTs are advanced, goal, proficient, basic and below basic. 

Click here for CAPT results

Click here for CMT results
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