Athletic Director Position Posted

As Jim Day retires at the end of the school year, school system looks for very specific replacement.


Jim Day will retire as Athletic Director at the end of the school year. The school system posted the job opening this week and the specificity of the job posting may have some wondering what is the difference in qualifications.

The job overview and duties are listed below. They look an awful lot like what Coach Day does now on a daily basis. Maybe the only difference is the position now requires Connecticut Intermediate Administration and Supervision Certificate (092) and coaching permit. Day does not possess that certification.

The proposed salary would put the newly-hired Athetic Director in the top 10 salaries of town officials.

Athletics/Athletic Director/Coordinator

The primary responsibility of the Director of Athletics is the administration and supervision of the interscholastic athletic program in the Berlin Schools. This includes providing each student with an opportunity to participate in an extracurricular athletic activity that will foster physical skills, personal growth, a sense of worth and confidence, and a knowledge and understanding of the pleasures of sport and the principles of fair play.  The Director of Athletics is expected to provide leadership, direction and coordination of the middle and high school athletic and intramural programs (6-12).  

The Director of Athletics will complete all reasonable duties as assigned by his or her supervisor including but not limited to:

A.     Plan/schedule/supervise all events associated with the athletic program in accordance with Board of Education Policy, CIAC regulations, and local, state and federal laws.

B.     Supervise, evaluate and develop programs in athletics.

C.     Screen, interview and recommend qualified (properly certified) candidates for coaching positions in accordance with Board of Education Policy, CIAC regulations, and local, state and federal laws.
D.     Supervise and evaluate coaches and ensure that all necessary certifications are current and maintained.
E.      Hire officials, police, and other supervision as required and assume general responsibility for the proper supervision of all home contests.
F.      Ensure that all students are academically eligible; attain written parental consent; and thorough physical examinations in cooperation with the school nurse before participating in preseason with any competitive athletic team.
G.     Interpret and communicate to staff, students and parents, all school, conference and CIAC regulations governing interscholastic athletics.
H.     Develop and implement appropriate rules and regulations governing the conduct of athletic activities.
I.        Review, revise and distribute Student-Athlete Handbook as well as Coaches Handbook on an annual basis.
J.       Arrange logistics of visiting teams and officials needs as appropriate.
K.     Ensure proper equipment and facilities are available and in proper working order for athletic events.
L.      Coordinate with Fire, Police and Park and Recreation Departments regarding parking, security, crowd control and other services required by athletic operation.
M.    Schedule and order all buses for away games and practices held off school ground.
N.     Maintain eligibility rules and submit certified lists to the CIAC.
O.     Provide and arrange for proper notification to student-athletes on local, league, and state athletic eligibility requirements.
P.      Submit to the CIAC all other appropriate forms and information as required regarding the athletic program.
Q.     Keep records of results of all school athletic contests, and maintain a record file of all award winners.
R.     Provide athletes with information on eligibility, transfer rules, and other athletic regulations.
S.      Provide medical coverage as needed for athletic contests and ensure that physical exam requirements are met by all student-athletes.
T.      Supervise the athletic trainer and athletic department secretary, if applicable.
U.     Assist personnel in the improvements of knowledge and instructional skills by encouraging participation in clinics, workshops and state meetings.
V.     Foster support for the athletic program and school spirit among non-participants.
W.   Maintain proper levels of sportsmanship at all athletic contests.
X.     Serve as a vehicle through which all matters pertaining to athletics are brought to the attention of the superintendent and principal(s).
Y.     Organize and supervise unified sports program at elementary school level, if offered.

A.     Prepare and administer the athletic program budget in cooperation with the principal, director of business operations and superintendent.
B.     Requisition program supplies and equipment, review and sign all invoices submitted for payment and conduct scheduled reviews of athletic accounts.
C.     Supervise all ticket sales and assume responsibility for proper handling and accounting of funds.

A.     Establish procedures for use and care of all athletic facilities, equipment and supplies.
A.     Direct coaches to prepare and submit inventories.
B.     Supervise the maintenance of both indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.
C.     Order, receive and distribute all newly purchased equipment and supplies.
D.     Arrange for re-conditioning and storage of out-of-season equipment and supplies.
E.      Oversee preparation of all sites for home contests.

A.     Plan and supervise a recognition program for school athletes.
B.     Create good will and public relations among respective league members, parents, coaches and school administration.
C.     Serve as liaison to booster groups.

Perform such other duties that are consistent with the nature of the position and that may be requested by the principal and/or superintendent.

CT Intermediate Administration & Supervision Certificate (092) and coaching permit required. Minimum four years teaching experience. National Interscholastic Athletic Administrator Association (NIAAA) certificate preferred.  Must have knowledge of the overall operation of an athletic program and experience in the evaluation of athletic personnel and programs along with a minimum of five (5) years successful coaching at the high school level and/or athletic director experience.

As agreed between the Berlin Administrators’ Association and the Board of Education, this is a 12 month position with an annual salary of $ 121,388 – $133,526.


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