Who Is Responsible For Trash At Pistol Creek?

Patch reader shares her views and findings after a walk on the trails.


Suzanne Helm posted this on the Berlin Patch facebook page.

Spring fever is in the air. Everyone wants to get out and about, walking running, bike riding.

Usually I highly recommend the trails at Pistol Creek, but these days I am liking them less and less. Sure the paths across the street from Camp Thundermoon are still mostly maintained, outside of the occasional horse droppings the rider never bothers to clear out of the way for the next bunch of walkers.

The side of the trails that cross over Atkins road are a different story, however.

The picture proves just that.

No this is not from a crazy weekend at my house. This is 1/10th of the junk I had room for in the stroller that I pulled off of the trails on the walk my daughter and I took this morning. Glad to see public drinking and littering, although lesser offenses are running wild in Berlin.

P.S. If you happen to need a twin size mattress and box spring, five tires, a propane tank, a set of wooden stairs from a deck or a drafting table height office chair, don't go to one of the stores on the turnpike. The trails at Pistol Creek offer that too!

What a Shame!!!

Although I didn't have the camera with me, there is a creatively painted rock on the side of the road that reads "PLEASE DON'T LITTER"...glad to see so many of us read and follow the advice.

Don't we fine for dumping, littering and public drinking? Other than the rock, no signs are evident anywhere and you can bet it isn't a well patrolled area.

Nothing says a return to nature and American Beauty than pushing a stroller over broken glass and blowing plastic of all shapes and sizes!

Joe S March 28, 2013 at 01:49 PM
What a shame! Maybe one of the police cars that park along many roads in Berlin can swing through there once in awhile?


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