Three Openings for Berlin Board of Education Candidates this November

Individuals interested in appearing on the ballot must collect signatures by September 5.

(Photo Credit: Patch File Photo)
(Photo Credit: Patch File Photo)

Berlin voters will have the opportunity to vote to fill three positions on the Berlin Board of Education this November. The Berlin Board of Education is a nine member, non-partisan board. Each member is elected to a three year term and the terms are staggered so that each year three positions are up for election.

Since candidates are not nominated by political parties, all Berlin voters are eligible to appear on the ballot, and candidates appear on the ballot without a political party designation. Potential candidates need only to go to the Town Clerk’s office to receive a petition form, collect the signatures of 135 Berlin voters, and return the completed petition to the Town Clerk by September 5th.  Petition forms are available at the Town Clerk’s office.

Board of Education President, Gary Brochu, said that the Board of Education welcomed new individuals who are committed to improving Berlin’s schools.  

“The Board of Education works very hard at educating new members so that they can contribute to the school improvement process,” Brochu said. “As we get closer to the election we will provide a number of orientation opportunities for candidates so that they can become more familiar with our schools and what it is like to serve on the Board.”

Individuals with questions about the petition process can contact the Town Clerk’s office. And for those with questions about serving on the Board of Education, Brochu encouraged individuals to contact current members of the board.

The three current members of the Board of Education whose terms expire this year are John Richards, Kathleen O'Donnell Moss and Julie Erickson. 

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