Single Stream Recycling Should Begin Around July 1

Carts will be delivered the week of June 10.


The Town of Berlin’s automated single stream recycling program, the most economically efficient form of recycling collection available, will begin soon. As part of the automated service, each residential property will be provided with an easy to maneuver automated recycling cart.

The recycling cart provided is a quality container with enough capacity to contain the recyclable material normally generated by an average family on a biweekly basis. The recycling collection will continue on an every other week basis with no change to the current schedule. The container is essentially animal-proof eliminating the unsightly mess that can occur on recycling collection day.

In an effort to accommodate Berlin’s residents who generate lesser amounts of recyclable material, an optional 65 gallon recycling collection cart will be made available to you. The new carts will be delivered starting approximately the week of June 10.

If you wish to receive the smaller 65 gallon recycling cart at no charge, or if you wish to purchase a second 95 gallon cart, contact Public Works at (860) 828-7022. Residents will be allowed to purchase a second 95 gallon collection cart for a one time fee of $75. Under the new automated recycling collection system, collection day will not change. The new service will begin the week of July 1, or week of July 8, depending on your schedule. Please continue to use your old bins until that time. If you wish to dispose of your old bins, you may return them to the Town’s Recycling Center at 19 Town Farm Lane. Otherwise, you may wish to use them around your home and yard.

Only recyclable material that is in your new automated single stream recycling collection cart, with the town seal, will be accepted and emptied.

Automated single stream recycling FAQs

Routes Start Early – To ensure collection, place your cart at the curb the night before your biweekly collection day.  Your pick up times may vary due to the weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Cart Placement –Please place your cart curbside at least 3 feet away from all obstacles, including trash carts, mailbox, trees, poles and signs.  Where possible, place your cart in the corner of your driveway.

Shredded Paper – Shredded paper should be placed in a sealed container or bag and disposed of  in your green trash cart along with your regular trash.

Care of Your Cart – Protecting your cart is your responsibility.  Please record your cart serial number for future reference.  These carts are owned by the Town’s recycling collection contractor which reserves the right to charge for carts that are damaged through neglect, vandalism, abuse, or theft.  If a replacement is required, the current cost will be $75.  Carts should be cleaned inside and out on a routine basis. Do not spray paint your house number on the cart.

The carts are to be left at your present home if you move to another location or town.



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