Public Hearing Tonight on Housing Plan

The Inland Wetlands Commission takes up the controversial proposal.


The Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Commission will hold a public hearing today on a controversial proposal for an 8-lot subdivision on Kensington Road. The commission meets at 7 p.m. in Town Hall. The public hearing is at the beginning of the board’s agenda.

Carl Ciarcia, owner of Absolute Auto on the Berlin Turnpike, and a life-long resident of town, has proposed building the homes hundreds of feet off the road on Kensington Road.

However, nearby residents have mounted a petition drive to oppose the plan, saying they are concerned the proposal doesn’t fit with the town’s plan of development and could have negative impacts on their neighborhood.

Here is the agenda for tonight’s meeting:

Call to Order

Approval of minutes – February 7, 2012 

Audience of Citizens

                                                           PUBLIC HEARING

 Application 12-01W - Proposal by Carl and Patricia Ciarcia to construct an eight (8) lot subdivision, place fill, discharge drainage, and construct utilities, within and alongside, a wetland area on Lot 1/ Block 72 opposite #1324 Kensington Road.

                                                       REGULAR MEETING

 Application 12-02WF – Proposal by Evelyn R. Anderson to construct a seven (7) lot subdivision, place fill, construct drainage and discharge drainage alongside and into a wetland on Lot 31A, 31B, 32/Block 142, #344 Savage Hill Road.

Application 12-03W  – Proposal by Daniel Smith to construct a residential addition alongside a wetland on Lot 5A/Block 36, 582 High Road.

Application 12-04WF  – Proposal by JPG Partners, LLC to construct a multi-family development and discharge drainage alongside both a wetland and flood hazard zone on Lot 47/Block 151, 319 Main Street, East Berlin.

 Proposal by the Town of Berlin Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Commission to amend the Inland Wetlands and Water Courses Regulations of the Town of Berlin.

Other Business to Come Properly Before the Commission:

a)   Application 11-05W – Proposal by Kids, LLC to construct a 4,000 sq.ft. retail office building with associated improvements in a flood hazard zone on lots 3,4 and 12/Block 54, #1184 Farmington Ave. – Request for permit revisions.

b)   Application 05-24W – Shuttle Meadow Development (Lot 4-5) – Request for site specific approval. Coccomo Brothers, LLC.

c)  Lot 48C/Block 83 Ripple Court – Trigilia Enterprises, LLC - Discussion

d)  #405 Christian Lane - Discussion

e)  Correspondence




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