Is There Anything The Town Can Do About This Eye Sore?

Building has sat idle for years with no buyers in sight.


Depot Crossing, derogatorily known as the Tyvek Building because aluminum siding never covered the Tyvek brand building cover, has sat idle in the center of town for more than two years now.

It was hailed as a hub for the town and the renovation of the railroad station, but no buyers came forward at a recent foreclosure sale.

What should be done with the building? Tell us in the comments section and vote in the poll.

Kathleen August 22, 2012 at 02:50 PM
At the very least the building should be sided. It looks terrible. Any town ordinance on "unsightly" buildings? And why - on the Berlin turnpike - does land continue to be cleared - for the purpose of building ? Does anyone know if " they build it - they will come" really works?? Isn't that what happened at the tyvex --err-depot building??


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