Homeowners, Business Owners Reminded To Clear Sidewalks

With warmer weather increased pedestrian traffic expected.


With blizzard of 2013 nearly three weeks behind us, The Public Works Department is reminding Berlin residents of the Sidewalk Ordinance that is in place.  As the warmer weather approaches and with daylight hours being extended, there is an increase in pedestrian traffic and outside activities enhancing sidewalk usage. 

Town Ordinances (Chapter XIV, Article 1,Sec. 14-11) does provide that an owner of land or buildings fronting on any street or public place ... where there is any sidewalk shall, within twelve (12) hours of daylight, or not to exceed twenty-four (24) hours of elapsed time immediately following the cessation of a storm of snow...cause the same to be removed from such sidewalk.  The Ordinances provide that failure to remove said snow shall result in a fine after an initial warning. 

The Public Works Department recognizes the difficulties that many property owners have incurred in making an effort to comply with the provisions of this ordinance.  Property owners are further requested to comply with this Ordinance to avoid being penalized for non-compliance at this time.


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