Heat Does Little To Change Daily Lives in Town

School plans on full day.

While surrounding towns have taken many measures to help residents ease the pain of the heat wave the last few days, it's business as usual in Berlin.

Willard Elementary School has canceled its "Field Day" scheduled for Thursday due to the impending hot temperatures which may reach three digits. 

Berlin Social Services Manager Antoinette Pajor said that the town has not fielded any calls from residents to complain about the heat.

"That call, to open a cooling center or extend hours at the Senior Center would come from our Emergency Management Division and I checked with them and they haven't put anything into action," Pajor said. "I talked to the Town Manager and there has not been one call to the town from residents who are struggling with the heat.

"If residents do have any trouble, thy should not hesitate to call the town and if it is an emergency, call 9-1-1."

Berlin Superintendent of Schools David B. Erwin took some steps to warn his school principals.

"We received a guideline from the state and that was sent along to the schools," Erwin said. "It basically talks about limiting outdoor activities and keeping calm and cool. We had Sal Urso, the principal at Willard, have to cancel 'Field Day.' The guidelines are pretty basic and common sense.

"We also depend on the parents to send the students to school in light clothing, which will give the kids a break from the heat.

"I spent this morning (Wednesday) with a group of colleagues and we all said they were staying with a full day and not going to a half day because of the heat. At this point, it is business as usual."


Garrett Daigle June 09, 2011 at 03:24 AM
this is ridiculous, today was the hottest day so far, the surrounding schools around us got out early, WE HAVE NO A/C, i walked into first period this morning and just sat their sweating, i was feeling light headed in my next class as well, we need to have an early dismissal tomorrow this is absolutely truly utterly ridiculous, you can ask any student or TEACHER in Berlin High and they will agree with my opinion


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