[Updated] Election 2012: Larson Returned to First District Seat

It's another term for Democrat John B. Larson, as he defeats Republican John Henry Decker in the race for Connecticut's 1st District, according to media reports.

It's another two years for Democrat John B. Larson.

According to the Associated Press and the Hartford Courant, Larson, who was first elected to represent Connecticut's First District in 1999, was re-elected Tuesday, soundly defeating Republican John Henry Decker, 45, of West Hartford.

Larson, 64, who serves as chairman of the House Caucus, has said that his priorty is to continue to create new jobs in Connecticut and the nation and reduce the country's deficit, but "not place the burden on the backs of the seniors and middle class."

Despite a resounding defeat from long-time incumbent Larson, Decker was not disappointed with his campaign. "I'm thrilled I did it. Not that many people would take on a well-entrenched incumbent. Most would get frustrated," he said.

Decker said it is "impossible to say" if he would run for elected office again.

The First District represents:


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