Berlin's Car Tax the Lowest Among Surrounding Towns

A new report by Connecticut Magazine underscores car tax inequities across the state.

If you bought a new car in 2013 you probably just realized that you're paying high auto taxes now as a result. 

What you probably don't know, if you live here in Berlin, is that one town over in New Britain you could be paying much higher taxes on that car.

According to a report in Connecticut Magazine a 2013 Honda Civic in Berlin has a tax bill of $303. But next door in New Britain that same exact car would be taxed at a considerably higher rate of $442. 

That's because New Britain's tax rate, which is 36.63 mills, is higher than Berlin's, which is 25.15 mills. Here are a few other comparisons:

Town — Tax/Mill Rate
Rocky Hill — $312/25.90
Cromwell — $326/27.06
Middletown — $324/26.90
Meriden — $418/34.70
Southington — $331/27.48
Newington — $394/32.64
Wethersfield — $393/32.58

The magazine makes the case that such tax disparity from town to town is unfair.

"In Connecticut, it’s the community you call home—and its fiscal status—that is the overriding variable determining if you’ll have to fork over $100 or $800 in taxes for the exact same vehicle," the magazine says. "And, in a sort of double-jeopardy, motor vehicle tax bills tend to be most gentle in Connecticut’s nicer and most affluent communities and toughest in the larger, more challenged places."

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy believes the car tax is regressive and unfair and sought to eliminate it this past year, a plan that drew howls of opposition from town and city leaders and never made it through the legislature. 

You can view Connecticut Magazine's interactive map of the local breakdown of car taxes.
bob O August 06, 2013 at 01:29 AM
FYI this comparison is using old mil rates and data. NB current mil rate is in the mid 40's, i believe it may have been 44.2
kirsten dunst September 11, 2013 at 04:35 AM
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