Berlin Candidate Profile: Thomas Niemiec

Challenger for Berlin Board of Education.


Name: Thomas C. Niemiec
Occupation/Employer? Mechanical Engineer at Covidien
Incumbent/Newcomer? Newcomer
Other Political offices held and run for? None
Community Service? None
Biggest issues facing the school system? Protecting and preserving a climate which allows students to reach their full potential in order to pursue their separate interests in the future is the biggest issue facing our school system.  It is my belief the responsibility of the board and the community is to remain resolute in preventing complacency in educating our children.
Any areas of special interest that you would like to concentrate on if elected? Each student who attends our schools has values, interests, talents, and motivations unique to him/her.  My focus will be ensuring the curriculum instructs them in the fundamentals (math, science, history, geography etc…) and provides electives (music, art, sports, clubs, trade instruction etc…) to enhance their education.
Anything else you would like to add about yourself and why you hope the voters will choose you? I will bring a different perspective to the Board of Education from my engineering experience in industry.  This profession requires an individual to apply math, science, and ingenuity to assess and solve problems of varying complexities.  Furthermore,  I am often faced with situations which require me to adapt and improvise in order to meet strict deadlines for a project.  I have determined that inquisitiveness and effective communication have been the methodologies most beneficial in solving a majority of the problems faced in my career and life.  If elected to the Board of Education, I will use this approach in assessing and solving problems the board is faced with.


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