Update: White Powder Found At BHS Is Plaster of Paris

Student given infraction ticket for creating a public disturbance.


White powder found in a hallway at Berlin High School Tuesday around noon forced the school to be locked down for a short time.

It was determined by Fire and Police officials to be plaster of Paris from the art department that had smashed into very small pieces and fell to the floor.

"At around noon today someone at Berlin High School reported white powder in the air and on the ground and a teacher found it," said a spokesman from the Berlin Police Dept. "The students were kept in their rooms until Police and Fire were dispatched to the scene. We have a Student Resource Officer in the school and by looking at video we found that one student was fooling around with plaster of Paris and created the dust. That student is being disciplined through the school and was issued an infraction ticket for Creating a Public Disturbance."

The police concluded that the student did not intend for there to be a disturbance or a threat of white powder.

"If we had determined that it was the intent to threaten with a white power incident, the charges would have been much more serious than a simple infraction," said the BPD spokesman.

The school was back on schedule for the remainder of the day.



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