Saturday Checkpoint Nets Two Arrests; Crackdown Coming With Thanksgiving Holiday

Two were arrested for possession or drugs and DUI-related charges over the weekend and Berlin police had a clear message for residents over Thanksgiving week – if you decide to drink and drive, you will be arrested.

Credit: Patch.
Credit: Patch.
For the second time in as many weeks, the Berlin Police Department conducted a checkpoint along the Berlin Turnpike near Deming Road and the results netted two arrests and several additional citations.

As the department continues to seek safe compliance from residents throughout the area, Deputy Chief John Klett said the department would continue to move forward with efforts to establish safe roads and smart decisions this holiday season.

“The grant helps to provide funding to staff additional DUI patrols as well as roadside sobriety checkpoints,” Klett said. “Roadside sobriety checkpoints have been shown to be the most effective method to detect and apprehend under the influence drivers

A Field Sobriety Checkpoint was set from 6 p.m. Saturday until midnight on Sunday, checking as a total of 985 vehicles passed through.

Klett said a total of 10 motorists were pulled over for various violations or concerns of potential drunk driving. The following statistics were reported from the checkpoint:

One (1) motorist was charged with DUI, refusal to submit to DUI test, possession of heroin, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Three (3) motorists were cited for operating unregistered motor vehicles.

  • One (1) motorist was cited for failure to secure a child in a rear seat restraint system and operating without a license. Investigation also revealed that the operator was a fugitive with two outstanding arrest warrants who was taken into custody and turned over to the Connecticut State Police.
  • One (1) motorist was charged with DUI and failure to drive in the established lane after crashing into a guardrail at the intersection where officers were setting up DUI checkpoint signage.
  • Two (2) motorists were cited for operating motor vehicles under suspension for failure to maintain insurance.
  • One (1) motorist was cited for operating an unregistered motor vehicle and operating under suspension.
  • One (1) motorist was cited for operating a motor vehicle without insurance and operating an unregistered motor vehicle.
  • Ten (10) motor vehicles were towed.

Number of motorists detained for field sobriety testing:

  • Two (2) motorists were detained for DUI assessment which resulted in two (2) arrests.

This DUI enforcement is funded by a grant from the Connecticut Department of Transportation's Highway Safety Division to support increased DUI detection and enforcement efforts. This enforcement program runs from November 2013 through September 2014. This grant provides 75 percent reimbursement of the overtime costs related to these efforts.

Police will be conducting another checkpoint on Nov. 27 as well as providing roving patrols over the weekend in order to secure safe roads. The department will also be joined by many others in the state, including the Newington Police Department.

Officers will also be conducting a checkpoint on Nov. 27 as part of the grant in Newington, though no location has been released.

“Each year thousands of lives are lost, many more are injured as a result of alcohol related accidents,” said Newington Police Sgt. Christopher Perry. “The Newington Police Department hopes that its efforts will provide safer traveling and greater awareness of the results of driving under the influence and help reduce the loss of lives and injuries by removing intoxicated drivers from the roads.”

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g8k4eva December 04, 2013 at 10:13 PM
I have a clear message to the dumb taxpayers of Connecticut...why are you paying outlandish salaries to muni workers (cops, etc) who - for lack of a better description, have marginal educations and marginal IQs (on average)?
Mr. Deeds December 04, 2013 at 11:43 PM
Because they have an effective union organization supporting the Democratic party.
g8k4eva December 14, 2013 at 11:17 AM
Ok, very good point. I give up too. Let the dumb, generally democratic idealistic Millennials, inherit bloated governments, bloated pensions...and realize they are going to get screwed when they retire. Sadly, everyone talks about how much smarter kids are today. I disagree, the more and more kids I meet, I think this society is getting dumber and dumber. Kids - learn to speak Chinese...cause that will likely be one of your bosses down the road.


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