Berlin Police Department Welcomes Two New Officers

Officer Rohon and Officer DePinto being sworn in (courtesy of Berlin PD Facebook page)
Officer Rohon and Officer DePinto being sworn in (courtesy of Berlin PD Facebook page)
The Berlin Police Department took to their Facebook page to welcome two new officers to the Department.

Officer David Rohon & Officer Mark DePinto recently retired from New Britain PD and are now officers for the Town of Berlin. They were sworn in at Berlin Town Hall Monday.
Berlin Citizen July 09, 2014 at 11:27 AM
No offense intended to the gentlemen who were just hired, as I am certain that they are fine individuals, but does Berlin truly need 50 employees in its Police Department? Again, I highly respect our law enforcement officers but where is the rampant crime in Berlin? And with the $100 million high school renovation, the $30 million new police station, and the annual raises given to all 800 municipal employees, how can Berlin residents pay higher taxes each and every year? Don't our pockets have bottoms?
Rich Rampone July 18, 2014 at 11:32 AM
I have not written in some time, but feel I need to now. There is no rampant crime in Berlin because of the fine work our police department does. As for the high school, this is a sore spot with me. We started at 89 million but after a referendum, that was cut to 69 million. Then the BOE along with the Democratic council, little by little got that figure up and 100 million will NOT be the end. Now the 30 million for the police station does seem a bit high, but if is in operation for 30 years or more without extensive physical changes, then I say okay. Annual raises other than those negotiated by contract, which could be looked in to, our fathers have no control over. I did not realize we have 800 employees. For a town this size and the few benefits we are provided with, that does seem quite high. The last thing I would like to talk about, is road paving. Edgewood Road as well as Orchard Road were featured on TV as being dangerous due to pot holes and the like. What does the Town do. Why they repave the little short streets off of Farmington Ave. Streets with 2 or 4 homes and one with 1 working business. Apparently not enough votes on Edgewood Rd. Maybe I need to go to the Police Commission and suggest that Edgewood Road and Orchard Road between Edgewood Rd. and Chamberlain Highway are dangerous, since many people drive on the left side of the road to avoid hazards.
James July 19, 2014 at 06:44 AM
More!!! I am stumbling over Police now in this town. Can't drive down a street without seeing one hanging around somewhere. A big Police station on Farmington Ave too. This is not a Police state, it's a Police town. Don't we have other things we need to spend some of our tax dollars on? If this town has so much money to spend maybe they should reduce our taxes. That would be a real community service.
Mark Felt July 20, 2014 at 03:57 PM
I believe we may have over 50 employees in our police department now. Do we need and can we afford a police state in Berlin? Now another $30, $40, million on a new police department! Where is responsible control of spending by our Town government? Tough economic times call for smart financial decisions. It's easy to spend taxpayers money; it's harder to make effective cost-benefit decisions. Perhaps we need smarter and more responsible individuals in charge of our Town government.


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