Arrest Warrants Obtained For Burglary Cases

Four of five individuals involved in case are minors.


The Berlin Police Department’s Detective Bureau has obtained arrest warrants for five individuals in connection with eight of the burglaries that occurred in the east side of town during the summer months. In all a total of 19 arrest warrants were submitted to the court.

Four of the five individuals involved in these cases are either youths or juveniles under the age of 18 and their identities cannot be released under state statute.

Four arrest warrants were obtained for the one adult in these cases, Marcos Vizcarrondo, age 20, LKA 524 Worthington Ridge, Berlin.  He will be charged with a total 44 criminal counts including the following crimes; Burglary 3rd degree, Conspiracy to Burglary 3rd, Larceny 3rd, Conspiracy to Larceny 3rd, Criminal Trover, Conspiracy to Criminal Trover, Larceny 6th, Conspiracy to Larceny 6th, Using a Motor Vehicle without Owners Permission.  Vizcarrondo is currently incarcerated and is being scheduled to appear in New Britain Superior court to be arraigned on these charges.

One of the Youths was arrested on November 17, 2011 and served with eight arrest warrants containing a total of 73 counts of the above charges.  He was presented in New Britain Superior Court on November 18.

Warrants are pending for the remaining three juveniles involved in these cases.  

*According to the Connecticut Law Enforcement Officers Field Manual the term "Criminal Trover" is defined as:

1. The actor knowing he is not licensed or privileged to do so, uses personal property of another without the owners consent and

2. Such use results in damages to or diminishes the value of such property or,

3. Subjects the owner to economic loss, fine, or other penalty.


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