Letter To The Editor: "Let’s Talk About Books" Event at Berlin High School Impressive

According to writer, just another example of excellence in teaching at BHS.


To the Editor:

Recently I attended the "Let’s Talk About Books" Event at Berlin High School. Students at BHS were required to read two books of their choice during this past summer.

The students gathered in the Old Gym and the Media Center during their English Classes. English Teachers guided their classes to break into small groups to discuss their summer literary selections. I was fortunate to sit with a freshman group guided by Mrs. Mayette and Mrs. Gallagher. This group was well prepared with notes and was totally engaged in the sharing of their reading selections.

I also spent a period observing this activity and was thoroughly impressed with the level of engagement the students displayed throughout the entire period.

Mrs. Pappas and the Summer Reading Committee are to be commended on designing such an effective process. The students displayed ownership of the summer reading assignment from the selection of their readings to the evaluation process.

Thank you to Mrs. Pappas for extending an invitation for teaching staff retirees to participate in this wonderful event. This is just an example of the outstanding work our teaching staff is doing each and every day.

Jim Day



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