If You Comment, Own It

Berlin Patch policy prohibits anonymous comments or pseudonyms.


Several articles have spurred great debate lately and that is what Berlin Patch is all about.

However, Berlin Patch policy is that if you want to comment on a story, you need to use your real name and have an active e-mail address. I had to delete several comments in the last few days that had anonymous names or pseudonyms. If you're going to comment, own it.

I left one-name comments under the "Best Pizza" article because it is just a fun unscientific poll. I did take out any one-name comments that were critical of a business or another comment.

Let's keep the talk and comments constructive.


Jack Tomascak March 01, 2012 at 04:18 AM
just as the suspended student is "fearing retribution from staff and administration," many students are fearing retribution if they post non-anonymously their opinions either in apathy towards or in disagreement with the protests. and they are fearing this retribution from what is arguably the most important group - their peers. the comments that have been deleted have been mostly constructive - including an eloquent and long counter-point to the arguments that have been so heavily made over the past few days.
Robert Mayer March 01, 2012 at 04:40 AM
I understand that completely Jack but it is our policy and some of the pen named comments were not constructive and that allows the discussion the spiral downward. One person who signed in as Honor Student wrote four parts on comments and they were very well-written but there were also two responses to him that were anonymous that were not in good taste. Berlin Patch tries to be a positive voice in the community and this policy has served us pretty well. Again, Jack, I understand your point and the writers fears.


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