Everything You Need to Know About Berlin's Municipal Election

Voting locations, times, issues and the candidates - we have everything you need for Tuesday's election right here.

Credit: Patch.
Credit: Patch.
As we look ahead to the Nov. 5 elections, Berlin Patch is devoted to bringing you the information you need about each race in town. Here's what you need to know in terms of voting districts, voting hours, candidates and more.

Take a look at the complete Berlin Patch 2013 Election Guide, so be sure to catch up and know what, and who - you are voting for before you head to the polls on Tuesday.

It can be a challenge to work voting into a packed day, but with polls opening at 6 a.m. and remaining open for voters throughout the day until 8 p.m., there's plenty of opportunity.

The polls will remain opened for anyone who is in line to vote as of 8 p.m., so if you are able to get there on time, get out and vote. Take a look below to find out exactly where.

Berlin has a total of five voting districts in town, divided to separate polls and keep them moving to get voters in and out quickly at a location near their home. Districts are as follows:

1. Willard School
2. American Legion
3. Hubbard School
4. Senior Center
5. Griswold School

To see where your district is, using your street address, click the link provided.

The Republicans have the top line in 2013, so we have listed the parties by board, beginning with Republicans and then by Democrats, in order of how they will appear on the ballot.

Town Council (Choose Any Seven)
Brenden Luddy, Rep.
Charles Paonessa, Rep.
Dave Evans, Rep.
Theresa Tonina, Rep.
William J. Watson III, Dem.
William A. Rasmussen Jr., Dem.
Rachel J. Rochette, Dem.
Margaret K. Morelli, Dem.
Kevin J. Murphy, Dem.

Board of Assessment Appeals (Choose One)
Stuart Topliff

Police Commissioners (Choose Any Two)
Paul Eshoo, Rep.
Richard A. Rampone, Rep.
Joseph T. Annunziata, Dem.

NON-PARTISAN Board of Education (Choose Any Three)
Cynthia B. Kobus
John M. Richards
Kathryn R. Bryers
Stefanie M. Carbone

Be sure to check out the links to see complete profiles of each candidate.

Feel we've missed something? Need more information? Be sure to take a look back at the Berlin Patch Elections section for more information or share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Citizen Ruth November 05, 2013 at 09:57 PM
Everything we need to know about Berlin's municipal election? What about the results?
Citizen Ruth November 05, 2013 at 10:08 PM
Everything but the election results.


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