Meet the Democrat: William J. Watson, III

A look at William J. Watson, III, Democratic candidate for Berlin Town Council.

William J. Watson, III. (Credit: Submitted)
William J. Watson, III. (Credit: Submitted)
"Meet the Candidates" is a feature on Berlin Patch designed to help you get to know your local candidates before you take to the polls this November. Each profile was submitted directly by the candidate. 

Take a moment to review each profile so you can be informed and prepared when you go to the polls on Nov. 5, 2013.

This week, we are looking at the Berlin Town Council candidates:

Name: William J. Watson, III
Age: 41
Party, Board Seeking: Democratic Candidate for Town Council
Family Information: Married with four Children
Occupation: Attorney, Principal at Rosenzweig, Fagan, Sheehan & Watson
Political Experience: l have served as a member of the Council for a period of six years.

Why did you run for office?
l have actively served on the Town Council for almost six years. During this time, I had the opportunity to work With many talented Council Members. I would be honored to continue serving in my capacity as a member of the Town Council and to continue to support progressive policies that will attract new residents and encourage businesses to invest in our community. Additionally, I want to insure that our children receive a quality education and that We maintain the characteristics of Berlin that continue to make it a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

What skills do you have that you could bring to the community?
As an attorney, l have had the opportunity to be involved in many litigated matters Additionally, my responsibilities as an attorney allow me to engage in open discussions in attempt to resolve matters in a reasonable and cost effective manner. I believe my negotiation skills and open minded approach provide a solid base for reasonable discussion and Well thought out resolutions to the difficult matters that face this town.

What is the biggest issue that the Town of Berlin faces?
As expressed by the other Democratic candidates, it is important that as a Town we protect the health, safety, and education of our constituents. The signìñcant cost associated with providing these basic services is ever present at our yearly budget meetings. I believe We need to continue to be ñscally responsible with respect to our overall budgeting process in making sure that the existing services continue for residents of our town.

If elected, what would be your primary areas of focus?
I would encourage continued economic development, specifically investing in the Farmington Avenue area, and make sure our educational system continues to thrive.

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