(Updated) Elections 2013: Berlin By The Numbers - Complete Election Results

The numbers are in and both parties have a reason to celebrate after the recent election. Take a look at the numbers, including a district by district breakdown.

Credit: Flickr.
Credit: Flickr.
The results are in and both Democrats and Republicans in Berlin have a reason to celebrate. The Democrats maintained control on the Berlin Town Council while Republicans were able to gain a seat. The Board of Education is also looking at three new faces in 2013.

Here all the final vote tallies, as reported by the Berlin Town Clerk:

Berlin Town Council

Bold denotes newly elected.
* denotes top vote getter.

*Brenden Luddy, Republican: 2,555
Charles Paonessa, Republican: 2,328
Dave Evans, Republican: 2,486
Theresa Tonina, Republican: 2,173
William J. Watson III, Democrat: 2,217
William A. Rasmussen Jr., Democrat: 2,270
Rachel J. Rochette, Democrat: 2,277
Margaret K. Morelli, Democrat: 2,258
Kevin J. Murphy, Democrat: 2,420

Berlin Board of Assessment Appeals
Bold denotes newly elected.

Stuart Topliff: 2,541

Board of Police Commissioners
Bold denotes newly elected.
* denotes top vote getter.

*Paul Eshoo, Republican: 2,382
Richard A. Rampone, Republican: 2,029
Joseph T. Annunziata, Democrat: 2,331

Berlin Board of Information
Bold denotes newly elected.

* denotes top vote getter.

Cynthia B. Kobus: 2,165
John M. Richards: 1,978
*Kathryn R. Bryers: 2,218
Stefanie M. Carbone: 2,059

Still want more? Take a look at the district by district results in the attached PDF.

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Bobbie Coughlin November 06, 2013 at 08:29 PM
Pretty much what I expected from you. Not gonna get into a flame war with you. You have the right to your position, I have the right to mine. Big difference between us is that I have the courage to state who I am; you don't. I would be ashamed to post anonymously. You know--as does everyone else--"EXACTLY" who I am because I am not afraid to post under my name. No one knows "EXACTLY" who you are, because, obviously, you're not willing to admit it. You may consider it a "literary practice." I consider it cowardice. YMMV.
Bobbie Coughlin November 06, 2013 at 09:41 PM
Thank you for your reasoned answer. I appreciate your explanation...and believe me, I can sympathize with it. Since you know how I am, you also know that I have taken controversial positions, and I have gotten hate mail (generally anonymous) and vile phone calls. And I have had other extremely negative consequences as a result of speaking my opinion honestly and publically. It's nasty! But I guess I just take it from a different place--that I believe that if one is to take a position, one needs to stand behind it, regardless of the consequences. I got this from my father. I was about 10 or so, and I said something about writing an anonymous letter, and he--who was generally very mild--said fiercely to me, "Don't EVER write an anonymous letter. If you have something that is important enough to say, say it and stand behind it." It's not always comfortable. It can be and sometimes has been miserable. But I still feel that my father was correct. We are fortunate to live in a society where we are not at risk of our lives for expressing an opinion. I truly do believe that if I hold a certain opinion and it's important enough for me to express it--in general or as a response to someone else--I should be willing to admit to it. And I think that we'd perhaps have more in the way of civil discourse--in both senses of the word--if we had to take responsibility for what we said. How many of the vile phone calls, emails and posts you got were signed? People can attack with impunity of they don't have to admit to who they are. I just respect people and their opinions, even if they are radically different from mine, if they are willing to own up to them with their names. Anyway, I do appreciate you explanation. I understand you better, and I hope you understand me better as well. I apologize for using the word, "coward." That was extreme. Since you know who I am, next time you see me around town, say hello. I promise not to blow your cover.


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