Top 10 Berlin Patch Stories Of The Year

Number 10 and 9 are here today chosen by most page views. We will count down to the top two stories on New Year's Eve.


Berlin Patch is celebrating the beginning of its third year in town after beginning Dec. 5, 2010.

In these final days on 2012, Berlin Patch will count down the top 10 stories of the year. The top stories were calculated by the amount of page views they received from you the viewers.

So here we go:

Number 10: Disaster and Tragedy.

The Newtown tragedy and Super Storm Sandy came within a short time of each other and in both cases the Northeast was the focus of the world.

If you choose to look back on the Newtown incident, the most often-read story is here.

While Berlin wasn't hit especially hard by Storm Sandy, neighbors and relatives in Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut were all affected.

See the most popular Sandy story here.

Number 9: Our Most Popular Contest - Berlin's Cutest Couple.

Patch runs a lot of contests to invite interaction with the viewers and there was a clear winner which one was the most popular in town.

We asked for entries to Berlin's Cutest Couple and received many entries. In the end, two couples tied for the win and they could not be any different.

One of the winners, Sandra Cohen and Rick Cortes had met just five years earlier while Natale and Vincenza Coco have been married 62 years.

See their love stories here.

In a related story that almost made the top-10, Cortes almost lost his life in a wild accident recently but has recovered and is home now. Read that story of a Christmas miracle here.


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