Making a Splash: Berlin Resident Building Reputation with Designer Swimwear

One year ago, Kasia Roginska opened KARO Swimwear. Now she is making a splash as her line has dived into the heart of the fashion industry.

Taken at the NYC Fashion Runway show www.nycfashionrunway.com
Taken at the NYC Fashion Runway show www.nycfashionrunway.com
A little over a year ago, Kasia Roginska was enjoying her work as a dental hygienist, but sought something more fulfilling. She wanted something that would allow her to express herself and her love of fashion.

She never dreamed that just a short time after walking away from a good paying job to take on the challenges of being a fashionista with a start-up business, the swimwear she designed for KARO Swimwear would be featured on the runway of New York fashion shows.

“For me, this was something that really came out of nowhere,” said Roginska, a Berlin resident. “Right now, I’m living my dream. To be on a runway in New York City with my own fashion line was such an invigorating feeling.”

KARO Swimwear is making headlines around the fashion industry, offering quality handmade products adorned with fine materials, jewels, natural stones, crystals and more. The website-based company was launched in January 2013.

Born in Poland, Roginska came to America as a young girl. She received some training in fashion before turning her attention to dental hygiene. When her father passed away in October 2012, however, she felt she needed a change.

“I wanted to do something that he would be proud of me for,” she said. “I wanted to honor him by following my passions and it has truly given me something to strive for.”

Before long, she was introducing her first ideas and in no time at all, her company was up and running. By September, the business had taken off and she was receiving various invites to fashion shows around the country including New York City.

One thing that sets Roginska’s swimwear apart is her dedication to quality and making the customer happy. She said every item is customizable, with handmade stitching and the opportunity to change colors and alter designs to meet their needs.

Roginska said she looks forward to hopefully one day expanding the line to include matching shoes, homemade jewelry and other accessories. But more importantly, she looks forward to one day seeing her swimsuits in regular use.

“I would love to see people wearing my pieces everywhere I go, to see if I can get open doors to contracts at major outlets. That’s my ultimate goal,” she said.

For more about Kasia Roginska and her line, be sure to visit her website by clicking the link provided.

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