Police: Drive Safe and Be Prepared for Back-to-School Traffic

The Berlin Police Department is asking motorists to use caution and avoid making mistakes that could cost them big money as students head back to school on Wednesday, Aug. 28.

With the back-to-school season, there comes excitement, new opportunities, a new start for students – and an increase in traffic around Berlin. Police are speaking up to try and prevent problems that could lead to tragedy this school year by encouraging residents to keep an eye out for children and be aware of traffic laws.

The following was submitted by the Berlin Police Department:

The Berlin Police Department advises motorists to keep watchful eye out for children in the roadways as the new school year begins. Watch for school buses and children waiting at bus stops or walking to school. Obey all posted traffic controls and the directions of school crossing guards on Grove Street in East Berlin and Norton Road in Berlin.

Speed limits in the areas of all schools will be strictly enforced with the aid of both radar and laser. The speed limit in a school zone is 25 MPH and is strictly enforced with a minimum fine of $182.

Passing a standing school bus with red lights and stop sign out will also be strictly enforced with a $465 infraction for the first offense.

At Berlin High School, there are two designated student pick-up and drop-off areas. One pick-up/drop-off area is located inside the student parking lot near the glass doors that lead to the gym. The second is on the eastbound side of Patterson Way directly opposite the teacher’s parking lot, this area is posted with “student drop-off” signs.

The remainder of Patterson Way is posted “no parking” on both sides of the roadway for the safety of the children and motorists traveling on the street. The “no parking” areas will be strictly enforced for parking violations of Connecticut law and violators will be issued a state infraction in the amount of $92.

Note: A parked vehicle is defined in Connecticut law as a motor vehicle in a stationary position within the limits of a public highway. Sitting in a stopped vehicle waiting to pick up a student falls under this definition.

Drivers should also be aware of the ongoing construction activity related to the high school renovation. Construction personnel and equipment are active in the area across the street and in the student parking areas.

Berlin High School students should also be mindful of the various laws that pertain to them. There are several laws that can result in 30- or 60-day suspension of driving privileges.

Parents are advised to utilize the designated pick-up and drop-off points inside the school parking areas at McGee Middle School and Griswold Elementary School.

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